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By the time you are within a few months of Medicare eligibility, you will have received a huge stack of mail from insurance companies and agencies, all of whom are certain that you should adopt their plan, even though they have never met you. You’re not like everybody else, and all of the Medicare plans are not the same.

Add to that all of the people on television, radio and internet advertising who insist that any plan is good for you, as long as it’s one of their plans.

Have they scared you yet?

(The Wade Agency will perform a calculated projection of how your current retirement plans are likely to play out under the best and the worst of circumstances. There is no charge for this service and the projection can be run again anytime your circumstances change. Just contact us to set up an appointment).

  •  I remember a TV advertisement in which a nice older gentleman (not much older than I, now that I think about it ) was confiding in his 30 something year old daughter. The young woman seemed confident and professional and her Dad told her that he was worried that he may run out of money before he ran out of life.
  • I remember a rather graphic TV scene in which a politician was pushing someone’s grandmother off of a cliff in her wheelchair while the voice-over warned of the intentions of certain politicians to do away with Medicare.


If politicians have learned anything, they have all learned not to mess with the most faithful voters in our society.

  •  I remember hearing people say that we Baby Boomers would each need at least $1 Million in our retirement account in order to retire, unless we had some generous pension on which to rely.

About 10 years ago, a friend who was about my age and who was still raising his family told me that he had heard that $1 Million estimate. He had concluded that, since he had little hope of accumulating that much money, he and his bride would both have to work until they die, even if their health would decline.

Did you ever hear about the people who actually made money buy going into neighborhoods and warning about a plague of venomous snakes, and would ‘remove the snakes from your house’ for a fee?

Most of us know that fear can be a powerful motivation, but if the person who is afraid doesn’t get to know something about that which scares him or her, the fear is likely to become destructive.

I’ll bet you agree that most things are not as scary when you understand them.

One of our clients, who was shooting for that $1 Million plus retirement account had an unwanted surprise in his career. We discuss his situation on our blog posting entitled Retirement Planning Case Study #1. While George (not his real name) was in his mid 50s his lucrative career came to an abrupt end. Of course, he didn’t manage to accumulate the $1Million as planned. Not even close!

We did an analysis for George and Dorothy (not her real name either). We projected how their assets, such as they are, will serve them in their retirement.

If you read the Case Study at the link referenced above, you can see their story. The summary is that George and Dorothy are going to be just fine.

What a pleasant surprise!

Even though they didn’t accumulate the nest egg they had in mind, they had done a few other things right along the way.

It isn’t always the case that the analysis we do for our clients indicates that they’ll be ‘just fine’ with things as they are.

Sometimes changes need to be made.

Even when people need to change a few things to prepare for a comfortable retirement, they usually find that the resulting peace of mind is priceless because they understand the nature and size of the challenge before them.

We didn’t charge George and Dorothy for the analysis. It’s done using a computer-based model and it doesn’t really involve much work. We just plug in numbers from various sources into the model and are able to project how changes and events that may occur will effect our client’s plans.

I’ve been asked why we don’t charge for the analysis. It’s a little like how a retail store will offer services to get people into the store. Chances are if you go into a store enough times, you’ll see something you want or need. We’re the same way.

We have some very effective products and services to offer. People are more likely to want our products and services when they know how they apply to their individual situation based on real knowledge rather than fear and uncertainty.

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